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About The Time/Temp Tables In Cooking TopicsThis section of The Virtual Weber Bullet demonstrates how to cook barbecue on the WSM using a number of methods and techniques. You'll also find a variety of reference topics at the end of the page.

This is not an exhaustive list of recipes, and the cooking examples shown here should not be interpreted as the only way or the best way to prepare a certain item on the Weber Bullet. Rather, they are examples of things I have cooked with success on the Weber Bullet and that you might enjoy trying for yourself.

Please Note: All of these cooking topics assume the use of the 18.5" Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker, not the 14.5" or 22.5" WSM.

Please enjoy browsing the items below...but don't blame me if you start getting hungry!

Beginner Recipes
For New WSM Owners
Basic Barbecued Chicken Basic Barbecued Chicken
Two whole chickens split into halves and seasoned with an all-purpose rub. Finished over direct heat for crispy skin.

Basic Marinated Chicken
Two whole chickens split into halves and marinated in Italian dressing. Finished over direct heat for crispy skin.

Basic Baby Back Ribs
Three slabs of pork loin back ribs rubbed and smoked until tender, then finished with barbecue sauce.

Whole Turkey - Self-Basting
A 12-14 pound Butterball turkey seasoned with your favorite homemade or store-bought rub and cooked at high temperature.

Best Ribs In The Universe


Best Ribs In The Universe: Baby Back Ribs By The Legendary Mike Scrutchfield
This championship recipe makes some of the best ribs you've ever tasted. Commonly known as "BRITU".

• Baby Back Ribs - Dry Ribs
• Spareribs - Sugarless Texas Sprinkle
• Spareribs - 3-2-1 Method
• Rib Sandwich
• Pork Rib Selection
• Pork Loin Back Rib Preparation
• Pork Sparerib Preparation


• Whole Ham - Mustard & Whiskey Glazed
• Spiral-Sliced Ham
• Half Ham - Apricot & Mustard Glazed
• Ham Selection & Preparation

Pork Butt

Pork Butt - The Renowned Mr. Brown
This is the famous recipe from Smoke & Spice, mop and all. An all-time favorite, good and spicy.

• Pork Butt - Slathered With Mustard & Rub
• Pork Butt - Championship Injection
• Pork Butt - SYD Injection
Pork Butt - Buckboard Bacon
• Pork Butts In Foil Pans
• Pulled Pork Butt Servings Calculator
• Pork Butt Selection & Preparation


• Pork Loin - Rib Roast


• Making Bacon Using Pork Belly
• Bacon - Pig Candy

Brisket - High Temp


Brisket - High Heat
This method combines higher-than-usual cooking temperatures and aluminum foil for tender brisket in 4-5 hours!

• Brisket - Smoked & Oven Finished
• Brisket - Midnight Cook
• Brisket - Wet Rub
• Whole Brisket - Central Texas Style Butcher Paper
• Brisket Flat - Central Texas Style Butcher Paper
• Burnt Ends
• Pastrami - Dry Cured
• Quick Pastrami - Smoked Corned Beef Brisket
• Brisket Selection & Preparation
• Virtual Brisket

Rib Roast

Prime Rib - Herb Crusted
USDA Prime beef coated with a garlicky herb paste, roasted to perfection at high temperature in the WSM.

• Standing Rib Roast - Montreal Steak Rub
• Standing Rib Roast - Dry Aged
• Standing Rib Roast - Salt & Pepper
• Standing Rib Roast Selection & Preparation

Other Cuts

• Tri-Tip
• Tri-Tip - Low & Slow
• Chuck Roll
• Pot Roast a la Stogie
• Shredded Barbecued Beef
• Baltimore Pit Beef: The Ultimate Top Sirloin Roast Beef Sandwich
• Beef Tenderloin - Salt & Pepper
• Beef Back Ribs - Yum Yum Seasoning
• Beef Back Ribs - Lone Star Long Ribs
• Beef Back Ribs In Butcher Paper
• Beef Plate Short Ribs
• Beef Chuck Short Ribs
• Boneless Beef Chuck Short Ribs
• Quick Pastrami - Snake River Farms Corned Beef Round

Beer Can Chicken Chicken

Beer Can Chicken

Barbecued vertically on a beer can, this unique method for cooking chicken will impress your family and friends.
• Cornell Chicken
• Hot & Fast Chicken
• Pulled Chicken Sandwiches
• Alabama-Style Chicken Sandwiches With White Sauce
• Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts
• Buffalo Wings - Smoked & Deep Fried
• Chicken Selection & Preparation
• How To Butterfly A Chicken

Whole Turkey - Basic Brine
Create moist, flavorful turkey through the miracle of brining, followed by high-temperature roasting in the WSM.
• Whole Turkey - Brined Butterball Self-Basting
• Whole Turkey - Apple Brine
• Whole Turkey - Honey Brine
• Whole Turkey - Salted
• Butterflied Turkey - Salted
• Turkey Breast - Bone-in
• Turkey Breast - Boneless & Skinless
• Turkey Breast - Central Texas Style
• Turkey Selection & Preparation
Salmon - Brown Sugar Rub Salmon - Brown Sugar Rub
This moist, dinner-style salmon is given a thick layer of rub, rinsed and re-rubbed, then smoked over alder.
• Salmon Selection & Preparation
Salmon - Brined Appetizer-Style
A little drier and a little smokier, this ocean-caught King salmon is similar to a restaurant appetizer.
Other Meats
Smoked Meatloaf Smoked Meatloaf
Try your Mom's meatloaf recipe in the WSM for a smoky twist on this classic comfort food.

• Fresh Gourmet Sausages
• Southside Market Texas Sausages
• Smoked Hamburgers
• Fatties, Moinks, Hot Dogs, Luncheon Meats & More
• Breakfast Bacon Weave Fatty
Leg Of Lamb - Honey, Mustard, Garlic & Rosemary Marinated
Marinated overnight, smoked low & slow, then seared at the end for great flavor.

• Boneless Leg Of Lamb - Roasted Garlic Jus
Appetizers, Sides, Desserts, Beverages & More
Bush's Beans - Doctored With Brown Sugar & Molasses

Bush's Beans - Doctored With Brown Sugar & Molasses
These sweet beans couldn't be easier to make, and they taste great, too. Even the kids will love 'em!

Corn - Creole Seasoned
Fresh-cut corn, seasoned with a Creole rub and sautéed in a little butter...a side dish doesn't get any better than this.
• Potatoes - Iron Skillet Baked
• Potatoes - Stuffed & Smashed
• Hasselback Potatoes
• Barbecue Parmesan Potato Wedges
• Sweet Potato Wedges
• Carrot Salad
• Barbecue Breakfast Cupcakes
• Barbecued Nachos
• Barbecued Totchos: Tater Tot Nachos With Chopped Barbecue Meat
• Barbecued Pizza
• Pulled Pork On Cornmeal Hoecakes
• Pulled Pork On Tater Tot Waffles
• Pulled Pork Mac & Cheese
• Brisket Chili
• Smoked Cheese
• Barbecue On A Cracker Appetizer
• Smoked Nuts
• Chex Party Mix

Potatoes - BBQ Seasoned & Roasted
A quick and easy method for oven roasted potatoes that compliments any meal. All you need is red potatoes, olive oil and your favorite barbecue rub.

Favorite recipes for moist, flavorful cornbread, including an Oklahoma State Fair first-prize winner!
• Biscuits
• Chipotles
• Smoke-Dried Tomatoes
• Baked Apples - Stuffed With Candy Bars
• Pineapple - Sugar Grilled
• Banana Pudding
• Brownies In The Weber Smoker
• BBQ Beverages

Guest Features
Articles Submitted By Friends Of The Virtual Weber Bullet
Baking With The Weber Bullet

Baking With The Weber Bullet
Convert your WSM into a charwood-fired bread oven. Pizza, foccacia, and other savory items baked to perfection. From Dave Stamper.

Dutch Oven Cookery In The Weber Smoker
Braising a lean moosemeat roast and vegetables in a Dutch oven inside the WSM. From Dean Torges.

Japanese-style "tako" smoked over Hawaiian kiawe wood. From Geoff Hamamoto and Kevin Kawahara.

Wine & Barbecue: Therein Lies The Rub
A primer on pairing wine with barbecue based on type of meat, rub, sauce, and regional styles. From Jeff Davidson.

Reference Articles
All About Brining

Cooking Log
Learn about the importance of tracking the details of each cooking session. Download a copy of the cooking log I use.

All About Brining
A simple solution of salt, water, and other seasonings adds flavor and improves the moisture content of lean meats.

TVWB Central Texas Barbecue Crawl: Where To Go, What To Eat, And Tips For Planning Your Own Trip
In October 2015, we hit seven of the most famous barbecue joints in Central Texas in three days, including Franklin Barbecue. Follow along on our journey, learn more about Central Texas barbecue, and learn tips to help plan your own barbecue crawl.
• WSM Cooking Capacity
• Food Grade Plastic Containers For Brining
• Holding, Storing & Reheating Barbecued Meats
• Shipping Barbecued Meats
• Going Mobile With The Weber Bullet
• Enhanced Meat
• Cutting Boards For Barbecue
• Countdown To Thanksgiving: 30 Tips For Your Best Thanksgiving Ever
• Transcript: Turkey Chat With TVWB & Weber's Kevin Kolman
• Holiday Barbecue Recipes & Resources For Turkey, Ham, Standing Rib Roast, Brining & More
• Holiday Gift Guide For Barbecuing & Grilling Enthusiasts

Cooking Times & Temperatures
General guidelines for cooking times and internal temperatures for various meats barbecued in the the WSM.

Letting Meat Rest After Cooking: How It Works & Why It Makes Your Barbecue Better
Resting meat can make all the difference between meat that's moist and tender versus dry and chewy. Learn how a 2-4 hour rest makes briskets and pork butts better.

Meat Charts
Download a variety of meat charts showing cuts of beef, pork, lamb, and goat.
• Smoke Ring Basics: What You Need To Know
• All About Salt
• All About Honey
• Barbecuing With Friends
• WSM Owners Photos
• Computer-Generated WSM Renderings
• WSM Infrared Photos
• WSM Humor Photos
• WSM Wallpapers

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Preparing Pork Loin Back Ribs


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