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Kingsford Charcoal Briquets - Minor Changes For 2010

Originally posted: 02/01/2010
Last updated: 02/21/2014

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The Clorox Company, maker of Kingsford Charcoal Briquets, continues to tweak the formula and design of Kingsford Original Charcoal Briquets by introducing a new version of its "blue bag" briquettes for 2010.

Building upon the changes made in 2006, Kingsford has:

  • Pressed deeper parallel Sure Fire Grooves, including a deeper "K", into each briquette.
  • Positioned the parallel Sure Fire Grooves diagonally across the briquette to make them longer.
  • Increased the amount of wood char in the mix.
  • Decreased the amount of coal in the mix.

The changes to the Sure Fire Grooves and the "K" imprint create more edges and more surface area, helping the briquettes to light faster. However, longer, deeper grooves result in a 7.5% decrease in the weight of each briquette. That's where the change to the ingredients come in. More wood char and less coal results in a hotter burning briquette. The result, according to Kingsford, is a briquette that lights faster but burns as long and as hot as the 2006 formula.

Less Ash

Because the 2010 formula contains more wood char and less coal, these new briquettes should produce somewhat less ash than the 2006 formula.

Environmental Claims

Kingsford makes several environmental claims in support of the new 2010 formula:

  • Less ash going into local landfills.
  • 11,000 metric tons per year reduction in carbon dioxide emissions.
  • 10% reduced use of non-renewable coal resourcesó57 fewer tons of coal used in briquette production each day.
  • Lighter briquettes allows Kingsford to pack more bags of finished product into fewer trucks, resulting in fewer trucks on the road and 800,000 fewer miles driven each year.

Product Photos

2010 formula Kingsford Charcoal Briquets (left) and a 2009 bag (right)
2010 formula Kingsford Charcoal Briquets (left) and a 2009 bag (right).


Marketing text on 2010 bag (top) and 2009 bag (bottom)
Marketing text on the 2010 bag (top) and the 2009 bag (bottom).


Close-up of 2010 bag graphic (left) and 2009 bag graphic (right)
Sure Fire Grooves are shown diagonally in the 2010 graphic (left)
versus the 2009 graphic (right).
Close-up of deeper, diagonal Sure Fire Grooves
Deeper, diagonal Sure Fire Grooves (left) are pressed into each
2010 formula Kingsford briquette.

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