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WSM Smoke Day 13

Logo of WSM Smoke Day 13, our annual Memorial Day Weekend celebration of Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker ownership and barbecuing with this great cooker. Learn more about WSM Smoke Day.

WSM Smoke Day 13 t-shirt WSM Smoke Day 13 logo
WSM Smoke Day 12  
WSM Smoke Day 12 t-shirt WSM Smoke Day 12 design    
WSM Smoke Day 11 The Virtual Weber Bulletin Board
WSM Smoke Day 11 t-shirt WSM Smoke Day 11 design TVWBB t-shirt TVWBB design
TVWBB GrillFest 3 TVWBB GrillFest 2
TVWBB GrillFest 3 t-shirt TVWBB GrillFest 3 design TVWBB GrillFest 2 t-shirt TVWBB GrillFest 2 design
WSM Smoke Day 10  
WSM Smoke Day 10 t-shirt WSM Smoke Day 10 design    
WSM Smoke Day 9 TVWB Logo 2010
WSM Smoke Day 9 t-shirt WSM Smoke Day 9 design TVWB 2010 Logo t-shirt TVWB 2010 Logo design
Old-School TVWB Logo WSM Oval
Old-School TVWB Logo t-shirt Old-School TVWB Logo design WSM Oval t-shirt WSM Oval design
More Barbecue, More Happiness WSM BBQ Design
More Barbecue, More Happiness t-shirt More Barbecue, More Happiness design WSM BBQ t-shirt WSM BBQ design
WSM 30th Anniversary 1981-2011 Double Bullet
WSM 30th Anniversary t-shirt WSM 30th Anniversary design Double Bullet t-shirt Double Bullet design
Multicolor WSM Best Dog-Gone Smoker Around!
Multicolor WSM t-shirt Multicolor WSM design Best Dog-Gone Smoker Around t-shirt Best Dog-Gone Smoker Around design
Fire Good, Smoke Better
The original caveman design!
Make The Old Flame Jealous!
Second in the popular caveman series!
Fire Good, Smoke Better t-shirt Fire Good, Smoke Better design Make The Old Flame Jealous t-shirt Make The Old Flame Jealous design
It's Never Too Cold To Barbecue  
It's Never Too Cold To Barbecue t-shirt It's Never Too Cold To Barbecue design    
Buy The Best And Only Cry Once If You Smoke It, They Will Come
Buy The Best And Only Cry Once t-shirt Buy The Best And Only Cry Once design If You Smoke It, They Will Come t-shirt If You Smoke It, They Will Come design
Updated: 02/12/2018
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The Virtual Weber Bullet is your best source for Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker information and discussion on the Web. Popular with competition barbecue teams, the WSM is an easy-to-use water smoker that's equally at home in the backyard. See the WSM and its component parts; get recipes, usage tips, and modification ideas; check-out BBQ-related resources; and discuss the WSM with owners and enthusiasts in our online forums.
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