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Three Sections Three Sections

The Weber Bullet has three sections:

  • The Lid
  • The Cooking Section
  • The Charcoal Bowl

These sections come apart for easy cleaning and transportation.  They fit together snugly, making the unit quite airtight.  This is one of the secrets to the Weber Bullet's ability to regulate and maintain temperature easily.

The Lid The Lid

The lid is fitted with a standard Weber wooden handle and one adjustable air vent.  This vent exhausts the smoke and fumes from the cooker, allowing them to pass over and around your food for that great barbecue taste.

Most experts recommend leaving this vent completely open at all times during the cooking process, since inadequate ventilation can cause an off taste in foods.

The Cooking Section The Cooking Section

The cooking section holds two racks where all the cooking action takes place, plus a water pan.  This section also has a door through which you can add water or fuel during the cooking process.

The Charcoal Bowl The Charcoal Bowl

The charcoal bowl sits on three aluminum legs, providing the cooker with a very stable base.  It contains a charcoal grate and charcoal ring, in which the charcoal and smoking wood is placed.  The bowl is fitted with three adjustable air vents which can be opened or closed to regulate the cooker's temperature.

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