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These are other useful resources concerning Weber products and the wonderful world of barbecue.

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Phone: 800-446-1071  Fax: 847-705-7971
email: support@weberservice.com
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U.S. Mail: Weber Customer Service Center, 250 S. Hicks Rd., Palatine, IL 60067

Books & Videotapes
Smoke and Spice Smoke & Spice: Cheryl Alters Jamison and Bill Jamison, The Harvard Common Press, 1994.  ISBN 1-55832-061-X  $17.95

If you buy only one book about barbecue, this is the one to get.   Lots of good information about the art of barbecue, many delicious recipes, and some interesting tips and trivia thrown in for good measure.


Paul Kirk Champ BBQ Sauces Paul Kirk's Championship Barbecue Sauces—175 Make-Your-Own Sauces, Marinades, Dry Rubs, Web Rubs, Mops, and Salsas: Paul Kirk, The Baron of Barbecue, The Harvard Common Press, 1998.  ISBN 1-55832-125-X  $11.95

This book contains basically the same discussion of "spice theory", rubs, and sauces that you'd get at one of Paul Kirk's barbecue classes.  Lots of interesting recipes, as well as a primer on the basics of equipment, fuels, barbecue technique, and barbecue meats.  A great addition to your barbecue library.


Smokestack Lightning Smokestack Lightning—Adventures in the Heart of Barbecue Country: Lolis Eric Elie, Photographs by Frank Stewart, North Point Press, 1996.  ISBN 0-374-52438-6   $25.00

Lots of great stories and pictures about the men and women devoted to the demanding art of barbecueing.  Covers the history of barbecue, regional barbecue, competitions, with some recipes are thrown in, to boot.  Well written and very entertaining.


Paul Kirk Logo Paul Kirk's Barbecue Videos:  K.C. Specialties, P.O. Box 8293, Shawnee Mission, KS 66208-0293  800-689-6409 (code 95) or 913-384-7367

A series of three informative videos from the Baron of Barbecue, 7-time barbecue world champion.  Volume 1 covers ribs, chicken and basic rubs.  Volume 2 covers brisket, pork butt, and basic barbecue sauces.   Volume 3 covers whole hog, salmon, lamb, turkey, sauces, and rubs.  $29.95 each or $75.00 for all three, plus shipping and handling.

Polder Cooking Thermometer/Timer Cooking Thermometer/Timer Model 362: Polder Inc., 800-431-2133 ext. 245, $30;  and The Barbecue Store, $29

This device is gaining popularity in barbecue circles.  It gives very accurate internal temperature readings without having to open the cooker.  The temperature probe is connected via a long cable to the display unit located outside the cooker.   The unit includes a temperature alarm and a timer.  Consumer Reports (December 1997) had nothing but good things to say about this product.

Smoke Wood
Peoples Woods: 75 Mill Street, Cumberland, RI 02864  401-725-2700, 800-729-5800, Fax 401-421-5120

If you don't have a good local source for smoke wood, check out Peoples Woods.  They have a nice selection of wood chips, chunks, and lump charcoal...also a variety of barbecue accessories, sauces, herbs, books, videos, and more!  Call for a brochure.

Spices and Sauces
Mansmith Enterprises, Inc.: P.O. Box 376, San Juan Bautista, CA 95045  800-627-4981, Fax 408-623-2150

Adjacent to the San Andreas Fault, Mansmith makes a variety of barbecue and grilling spices, as well as the versatile Mansmith's Gourmet Barbecue Paste.  Gift packs are available.



Kansas City Barbecue Society: 11514 Hickman Mills Drive, Kansas City, MO 64134  800-963-5227

This organization promotes the sport of barbecue and is the sanctioning body for many barbecue competitions across the U.S.  Their monthly newspaper, KC Bullsheet, is filled with coverage and photos from various competitions, plus ads for a wide variety of barbecue-related products and services.   Membership, including the monthly paper, is $30 per year.

NBBQ Logo National Barbecue Association: P.O. Box 9685, Kansas City, MO 64134  816-767-8311

NBBQA is a trade association for individuals and barbecue businesses.  Benefits include a monthly magazine, Barbecue Today, an annual Barbecue Buyers Guide, discounts to an annual conference and trade show, a membership plaque, and other promotional materials.  Membership for individuals/hobbyists and businesses are available...call for current membership fees.


Golden Gate Bridge California Barbecue Association: c/o Frank Boyer, 21911 Bear Creek Way, Los Gatos, CA 95030-9497  408-354-4693   frankbbq@ix.netcom.com

CBBQA has a two chapters, one in Northern California and one in Southern California.  A monthly newsletter and chapter meetings for enthusiasts are offered.  CBBQA organizes a variety of barbecue classes and events featuring barbecue experts like Paul Kirk (the K.C. Baron of Barbecue) and Smokey Hale.  CBBQA also sanctions the California State BBQ Championship (a KCBS sanctioned event).  Membership includes a monthly newsletter.   Individual memberships are $25, small BBQ businesses $50, and large BBQ businesses $100.


Big Apple BBQ Association: c/o Richard "Smokey" Alexander, 7 East 14th St, Suite #919, New York, NY 10003   212-989-0021  Fax 212-727-3808  alexande@interport.net


Central Texas Barbecue Association: P.O. Box 4566, Temple, TX 76505
Send $15 for a one year membership.


East Texas Barbecue Cookers Association: 2709 Cedarcrest, Marshall, TX 75670
Receive Pit Talk when you join for $15 a year, or $50 for a lifetime membership.


Greater Omaha Barbecue Society: 4928 N 105th, Omaha, NE 68134  402-493-1474
Send $20 for a one year membership.


Greater Wichita Barbecue Society: c/o Russ West, 2135 N Riverside Blvd, Wichita, KS 67203  316-264-5115


International BBQ Cookers Association: c/o Tom Kennedy   817-548-8894  iblalynn@aol.com
Send $20 for a one year membership.


Lone Star Barbecue Society: P.O. Box 120771, Arlington, TX 76012  817-261-9507
Membership is $20, and an additional $5 for a spouse.


New England Barbecue Society: P.O. Box 2079, Hanover, MA 02339
Send $25 for membership and 12 issues of Burnt Ends.


North Texas Area BBQ Cookers Association: P.O. Box 3024, Denton, TX 76201  817-382-1942
Send $20 for a one year membership.


Pacific Northwest Barbecue Association: c/o Bob Lyon, 4244 134th Ave SE, Bellevue, WA 98006  206-643-0607
Send $10 for 4 issues of Drippings from the Pit.

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